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Learn Lift Qi Up, Pour Qi Down

    1. What's it all about?

    1. Welcome and Thank you!

    2. What is Qi!?

    3. Points of the Body

    4. The Qi Field

    5. The Opening Form

    6. Sections One & Two

    7. Section Three

    8. Closing Form

    9. The Practice Set

    10. Completed!

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Revitalise your Health, Spirit and Vitality!

About Jeremy

Jeremy Colledge

Jeremy’s been a student of Qigong for over 30 years, and a teacher for more than 20 years. Jeremy is an insured Qigong Healer and Teacher specialising in all types of Chronic Illness. Jeremy spent many years searching for the “bridge” between Eastern Medicine and Western Science until his discovery of Quantum Physics. The path between the two is now very clear. Jeremy lives and teaches in Bath in the UK, but also online and all over the world. He is a Founder of Three Monkeys School of Qigong (No closed..), who trained Teachers and organised Retreats, Weekend course and Qigong Holidays.